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Browse Urology Books - Page 1

Urinalysis and Body Fluids
List Price: $64.95
Our Price: $49.29
You Save: $ 15.66 (24%)
Prices subject to change

Urology In-Service and Board Review - The Essential and Concise Study Guide
List Price: $79.99
Our Price: $75.99
You Save: $ 4.00 (5%)
Prices subject to change

Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $24.63
You Save: $ 5.32 (18%)
Prices subject to change
Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Written By: Ann Weiser Cornell

Herculine Barbin (Being the Recently Discovered Memoirs of a Nineteenth Century French Hermaphrodite)
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $10.72
You Save: $ 4.28 (29%)
Prices subject to change

Anesthesiologist's Manual of Surgical Procedures
List Price: $198.99
Our Price: $6.82
You Save: $ 192.17 (97%)
Prices subject to change

Smith and Tanagho's General Urology, Eighteenth Edition (Smith's General Urology)
List Price: $93.00
Our Price: $73.23
You Save: $ 19.77 (21%)
Prices subject to change

Fecal & Urinary Diversions: Management Principles, 1e
List Price: $88.95
Our Price: $65.30
You Save: $ 23.65 (27%)
Prices subject to change

Prosthetics and Orthotics: Lower Limb and Spine
List Price: $93.99
Our Price: $267.76
Prices subject to change

Heptinstall's Pathology of the Kidney (2 Volume set)
List Price: $399.99
Our Price: $379.99
You Save: $ 20.00 (5%)
Prices subject to change

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More Urology Books

 Abc Of Urology
Abc Of Urology

This new edition is needed to provide junior doctors and GPs with a comprehensive overview of urology focusing on the diagnosis and management of the most common urological conditions. Urology as a specialty is undergoing continuing technological and scientific innovation and there have been many recent changes to urology practice in favour of less invasive methods over surgeries. This edition will include the new techniques and procedures that have been developed since 2006 that allow for safer and more effective treatment -Provided by publisher. *Author: Dawson, Chris/ Nethercliffe, Janine *Series Title: ABC *Publication Date: 2012/04/24 *Number of Pages: 88 *Binding Type: Paperback *Language: English

Price: $ at

 Advanced Endourology
Advanced Endourology

Leading national and international urologists in the field of endourology describe standard and advanced endoscopic procedures for treating upper-tract pathology. The authors provide step-by-step instructions for the latest endoscopic procedures, ranging from upper urinary tract calculi and strictures to urothelial cancer. An accompanying DVD includes videos that clearly illustrate critical parts of the techniques and provide tips and tricks from the experts. Advanced Endourology: The Complete Clinical Guide offers practicing urologists and urology residents not only a comprehensive, illustrated guide to endourological techniques-particularly the more advanced procedures-but also a practical means to expand the range and scope of the procedures they perform.

Price: $ at

 Androgens and Androgen Receptor
Androgens and Androgen Receptor

Androgen Receptors is the most comprehensive and up to date volume on the topic, including discussions of the basic mechanisms of androgen-androgen receptor actions, their roles in the androgen-related diseases, and their potential clinical applications. Key topics covered include: -The discovery and cloning of the androgen receptor; -Androgen receptor coregulators; -Androgen related genes and their consensus DNA response elements; -Basic mechanism of action including functional analyses, cellular localization and phosphorylation studies; -Cross-talk to other signal transduction systems; -The recent connections of androgens to women's diseases, such as osteoporosis and ovarian cancer. This book is of interest to students, basic scientists, and clinicians as both a study guide and reference of research in the androgen field. It could also be used as an advanced level text in endocrinology, urology, OBGYN, or oncology.

Price: $ at

 Application of Newer Forms of Therapeutic Energy in Urology
Application of Newer Forms of Therapeutic Energy in Urology

Urologists have traditionally been at the forefront of utilizing new forms of energy in clinical practice In this text, a team of international contributors provide data on the use of forms of energy in urological practice

Price: $ at

 Atlas of Clinical Urology: The Kidneys and Adrenals
Atlas of Clinical Urology: The Kidneys and Adrenals

This five-volume series captures today''s entire state of knowledge about urology in detailed, pictorial form. More than 100 prominent urologists bring you images of exceptional quality that exemplify contemporary science and practice. Each volume explores a particular aspect of the field. Over 3000 vivid line drawings, clinical photographs, diagrams, charts and tables illustrate every facet of the principles and practices of clinical urology.

Price: $ at

 BSAVA Manual of Canine And Feline Nephrology And Urology
BSAVA Manual of Canine And Feline Nephrology And Urology

This completely revised new edition is presented in three parts. Common presenting problems are considered in Part 1, using sufficient background physiology and/or anatomy of the system in a succinct way to enable the reader to understand what goes wrong with the urinary system to allow the presenting problem to occur. Differential diagnosis is considered and useful case examples illustrate the points made. Part 2 features details of how to perform and interpret both standard diagnostic techniques, such as imaging and urinalysis, and less common but very useful tests, such as staging of chronic kidney disease. More advanced techniques are also discussed to help the clinician decide when to refer cases. Part 3 deals with management of common urological syndromes, including complications and what to do if treatment fails. The emphasis is on medical management. Throughout the book, use is made of tables and flow charts as well as high-quality colour photographs.

Price: $ at

 Bacterial Adhesion: Molecular and Ecological Diversity
Bacterial Adhesion: Molecular and Ecological Diversity

BACTERIAL ADHESION Molecular and Ecological Diversity Edited by Madilyn FletcherOver the last twenty years, research has revealed the enormous complexity underlying the phenomenon of bacterial adhesion. The initial research goal was to understand the mechanism of attachment and its effects on the bacteria as well as the host. As research progressed, however, it became evident that many different attachment mechanisms exist. These diverse forms of adhesion are the results of numerous evolutionary pressures, and each may be part of a larger behavioral strategy.This comprehensive overview details how diversity in habitat and ecological requirements has led to enormous variety in adhesive cell components, underlying genetic determinants, and behavioral strategies. It presents the latest research on adhesion mechanisms and strategies found in diverse environments and microorganisms, including the new environment of biomaterials.Bacterial Adhesion: Molecular and Ecological Diversity examines adhesion as a strategy for nutrient access and as a phase in the complex behavior of life cycle processes. It covers the latest research and innovative approaches in the field, including: Conceptual advances in research on the adhesion of bacteria to oral surfaces Enhancing colonization in a fluctuating environment The cellulosome: a cell-surface organelle for the adhesion to and degradation of cellulose Pseudomonas aeruginosa versatile attachment mechanisms Sensing, response, and adaptation to surfaces Myxococcus coadhesion and role in the life cycleEdited by a leading authority on bacterial adhesion and featuring contributions from the field's leading experts, this book speaks toresearchers in all areas of microbiology, biotechnology, environmental technology, and environmental science, as well as urology, immunology, and infectious diseases.Bacterial Adhesion: Molecular and Ecological Diversity is the latest addition to the Wiley Series in Ecological and Appli

Price: $ at

 Botulinum Toxin
Botulinum Toxin

The new, therapeutically-focused Botulinum Toxin presents comprehensive, cross-disciplinary guidance on current practices, covering more than 100 non-cosmetic conditions that occur in neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain medicine, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, urology, orthopedics, and surgery. International contributors review the current understanding of the biology and cellular mechanisms along with relevant research so you can easily apply them to the pathophysiology of the numerous disorders that botulinum toxin is used to treat-such as botulinum toxin applications for the treatment of cranial-cervical dystonias, motor disorders in cerebral palsy, bruxism and temporomandibular disorders, headache, overactive bladder, chronic pelvic pain syndromes, arthritis joint pain, and wound healing. With discussions of the latest in approved treatment practices as well as new and emerging uses, you"ll get in-depth management guidance on the application of the toxin.

Price: $ at

 Clinical Andrology
Clinical Andrology

A major new international reference work on andrology from the EAU Section of Andrological Urology a covering such issues as male infertility, erectile dysfunction, late-onset hypogonadism, and reproductive cancers a that engages with contemporary concern for evidence based practice, minimizing interventions, and promoting male reproductive health.

Price: $ at

 Clinical Manual of Urology
Clinical Manual of Urology

A thorough clinical handbook in urology written by leading clinicians. In addition to presenting the major categories of urologic disease, the book also covers important topics such as radiology, radiation therapy, nephrology, pediatric urolog, transplantation surgery and vascular surgery.

Price: $ at

 Clinical Problems in Paediatric Urology
Clinical Problems in Paediatric Urology

Effective problem-solving approach using cases actually encountered in clinical practice!

Price: $ at

 Complications of Urologic Surgery
Complications of Urologic Surgery

Complications of Urologic Surgery: Prevention and Management, 4th Edition, by Samir S. Taneja, MD, is a urology resource that presents current management strategies-with an emphasis on prevention-for the most effective patient care. Recognized leaders in the field address both office-based complications as well as common and uncommon surgical complications arising from open and minimally invasive urologic surgery, to equip you to handle a wide range of situations. Best of all, this resource includes a companion website featuring the complete text of the book, along with case studies, multiple choice questions, and more, for convenient reference and review.

Price: $ at

 Disaster Planning for the Clinical Practice
Disaster Planning for the Clinical Practice

Spurred by dealing with the aftermath of Ilurricane Katrina, this volume outlines how to prepare for man-made and natural disasters in clinical practice. Baum (urology, Louisiana State U.) and McDaniel, a health care executive from New Orleans, draw on their experiences to describe how to create a disaster plan, back up data, protect and recover assets, acquire insurance, prepare individual employee plans, and deal with technological disasters. The companion CD contains forms, charts, and questionnaires.

Price: $ at

 Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book
Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book

In this groundbreaking book, now updated to include the latest medical breakthroughs, world-renowned urology expert Dr. Scardino arms men with the information they need to battle prostate cancer, prostatitis, and benign prostate enlargement (BPH).

Price: $ at

 Emergencies in Urology
Emergencies in Urology

This is a timely and hugely important work: a comprehensive textbook covering one of the few remaining blind spots on the map of urological literature. It provides a comprehensive review of all urgent problems in Urology and includes first-class procedural drawings.

Price: $ at

 Essentials of Pediatric Urology
Essentials of Pediatric Urology

This excellent and superbly illustrated text provides surgical trainees and non specialists with an updated and extensively revised account of the urological disorders of childhood. The second edition reflects the many advances and innovations in paediatric urology since the first edition was published in 2002 and incorporates suggestions and feedback from readers and reviewers of the first edition of Essentials of Paediatric Urology. There are new chapters on The Child as Patient that highlights the important differences in the approach to caring for children and adults, and provides clarification on legal and ethical issues concerning consent; and, minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery, reflecting the innovative advances in effective patient care; and a new multiple choice question chapter with cross-references to the text, as requested by many readers of the first edition, thus providing an aide-memoire for those undergoing speciality examinations.

Price: $ at

 Female Urology
Female Urology

Completely reorganized and updated, the 3rd Edition of this best-selling reference presents comprehensive coverage of all aspects of female urology, making it easy to implement today"s best approaches for every patient, both surgical and non-surgical. A bonus DVD includes video clips of surgical procedures to further enhance your surgical repertoire.

Price: $ at

 Female Urology
Female Urology

This comprehensive and innovative volume offers a hands-on reference for the management of challenging disorders of the female lower urinary tract. The volume features scenario presentations in which a patient presentation is described and followed by two experts in the field reviewing work-up and management of the problem. Novel techniques for the treatment of voiding dysfunction are provided.

Price: $ at

 Female Urology, Urogynecology, and Voiding Dysfunction
Female Urology, Urogynecology, and Voiding Dysfunction

Heavily illustrated for clear navigation and understanding of anatomical sites, surgical techniques, and reconstructive procedures, this reference studies the surgical and nonsurgical evaluation and management of various disorders affecting female urinary and pelvic health-collecting valuable recommendations, guidelines, and best practices from over 100 skilled authorities for expert guidance in the treatment of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and other dysfunctions.

Price: $ at

 Guide to Pediatric Urology and Surgery in Clinical Practice
Guide to Pediatric Urology and Surgery in Clinical Practice

This guide to the most commonly encountered disorders in these fields is aimed at the primary care physician. Each clearly formatted chapter summarises the diagnosis, primary care management and referral indications, as well as complications of a condition.

Price: $ at

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